Structure your business information systems to increase profits.

SBOS coaching helps you…

Understand your restaurant’s flow of critical information
Find profit opportunities and put control systems in place to trap uncounted dollars
Get timely reports to make decisions about managing your business
Protect and leverage critical business functions with documentation, so as not to be dependent on your organizational memory

The forté of this practice is structuring efficient inventory, information and accounting systems.

Our analytical approach is threefold…

1Review of the inventory system and food cost controls
2Look at the point of sale (POS) data, including product mix and time keeping
3Follow the data trail of these systems all the way to the financial accounting system

Our Mission

The Mission of SBOS is to…

Provide high quality consulting services to the restaurant and beverage industry with the purpose of driving productivity and revenue up, while decreasing expenses and waste.

These results are attained by making modifications to and/or building back office systems to effectively work with front office systems such as Point of Sale.

Our associates are strongly encouraged to continually build win-win-win relationships where return on investment is rewarded to guests and clients.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

There is no risk engaging in our consulting services.

We offer a complimentary initial consultation to exchange information, build our relationship, and determine new ways to improve profitability. Your investment will exponentially pay a return for years to come.

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