Structured Back Office Solutions offers a complete range of consulting services focused on inventory control, business intelligence, business analytics, key performance indicators (KPI’s), information flow, information systems, manual processes, integration opportunities, and documentation and data auditing services.

What makes us unique? The personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship. We ensure that planning and execution goals are well-defined.

Structured Back Office Solutions works with clients where they live. We use secure state-of-the-art browser based internet technologies to assist our clients. Our clients appreciate the speed of service and the lower cost.

Our Services

Inventory Control Consulting & Training

Provide inventory project guidance and software training.

Database Building

Build inventory databases, or other.

Database Auditing

Quality inspect databases to assure usefulness, consistency and integrity.

Business Intelligence

Transform data into insight. Pinpoint new revenue-generating opportunities and improve operation efficiencies and visibility across your organization.

Custom Development, Reports, Programming & Execution

Use integration techniques to help fill efficiency gaps and minimize duplication of efforts.

Accounting System Development, Building, Auditing & Correction

Build, fix or transition disorganized accounting systems.

Procedural & System Documentation

Document procedures to protect and leverage critical business functions, so as not to be dependent on client’s tribal memory.

Software We Support